Our History

Our company was formed in 2007 as a team focused on developing Web applications with Django. The company’s name was Djangoware.

A few years later we realized that we were not a Django only shop anymore. We found ourselves using a more diverse and versatile toolset. We even delivered a Rails project once.

It was obvious that our initial assumption was plain wrong, and it was time to become a platform and language agnostic company. So, we relaunched the company under a more neutral name, Monmar.

Our Expertise

Our major expertise lies in Python and Django. This is simply because we already have more than a decade of experience building web applications with them. We still think that Django is the best Web framework and we use it daily, but mostly for developing RESTful APIs for mobile apps and single-page JavaScript applications.

Here at Monmar we're using React and AngularJS extensively. React seems to have a brighter future so we are retiring from Angular and focusing on React with ES6. But, we still can help you with your AngularJS and/or CoffeeScript challenges.

We discovered Meteor a couple of years ago and have been using it since then. It has great potential to grow into a standard platform for modern JavaScript applications. Monmar is a registered Meteor Partner.

Monmar develops native iOS, watchOS and OS X application with Swift.

As a team of modern full-stack developers we have many years experience with DevOps tasks, performance and scaling problem solving.

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Tableau Partner
Divio Partner
Meteor Partner

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