Professional Tableau Server Administration

The most preferred and cost-effective Tableau Server deployment is AWS. But, if your company has its own hardware we can deploy Tableau Server on premise.

Monmar deploys and maintains enterprise-ready secure Tableau Server instances.

In case you are seriously concerned about your data and privacy, we only manage your Tableau Server instance and don't even have a Tableau user account to sign in.

What Tableau Server Administration Means

24/7 Monitoring

We keep an eye on each instance and guarantee a solid uptime.

Daily Backups

We create daily snapshots and store them at your private Amazon S3 bucket.

Tableau Updates

We install Tableau Server updates monthly or as soon as you ask us. Critical updates get installed ASAP.

Windows Updates

We install Windows Server updates monthly. Critical updates get installed ASAP.


We charge only $299 per each managed Tableau Server instance. It's much cheaper than having your own in-house sysadmin.

Get in touch and let us take care of your Tableau Server

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